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Spine Fin Coil
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Spine Fin~ Coils have a history of reliability.

 Spine Fin Coils represent 65 years of American-Standard research in heat exchanger technology. The result is the development of the most efficient and long-lasting heat exchanger systems the industry.

What is a heat exchanger system? It's the part of your heating and air conditioning system that trades warm air for cool air in the summer and cool aft for warm in the winter

Air is transferred from indoor to outdoor, or outdoor to indoor, by heat exchangers. Row efficiently a unit works depends on the quality of the coils that exchange that heat. American-Standard's quality is second-to-none. Our Spine Fin Coils are built to tight specifications and provide a highly-efficient component to our heating and air conditioning systems.

Rugged. American-Standard's all aluminum Spine Fin Coil has much less chance for corrosive break-down than other coils, providing better over All performance over the life of your unit.

Durable. American-Standard leads the way with patented transition joints that create a continuous coil with fewer brazed joints. This means that there is much less of a chance that leaks will occur as in other coils.

Spine Fin design is so good the leak rate has been a mere seven leaks per million units. Thatís good for your system's reliability and for the environment.

Efficient. Spine Fin's unique design helps prevent fouling, which can lower the unitís efficiency and shorten compressor life. That means longer life and prolonged, high-level efficiency for your American Standard unit.

American Standard pays attention to details.

To assure durability, coils are pulled at random and tested in our laboratory to withstand 2,00 pounds of pressure per square inch. That's many times the normal pressure of any outdoor coil in everyday use. Every coil is leak tested multiple times before it leaves our factory.

Attention to detail puts the American Standard Spine Fin Coil in a class by itself. Compare these features with other heat transfer coils:

Internally grooved all aluminum tubes "stir" the refrigerant, creating more surface area. Tube and fins are bonded together in a manner that allows for more efficient heat exchange.

More air-to-fin surface for higher efficiency and lower electric bills.

Spine fin has 70% fewer brazed joints, greatly reducing the possibility for refrigerant leaks.



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